“They are delightful, friendly, helpful, caring and Godly ladies!”

“…within just a few visits to Smiley Family Chiropractic I felt drastic improvements and am now learning to prevent onsets of the problem and manage pain without surgery and even without medicine!”

“I think everyone should try coming to the chiropractor at least once. It has helped me in more ways than one!”

“Dr. Jessica cares about your overall health and well-being and concerns herself with anything that may have happened to you between visits. Her adjustments are individual to you and whatever your issues or needs are at each visit.”

“Her and her staff are wonderful about helping you learn how to have a healthy lifestyle and stay that way!”

“Everyday living and work have become so much easier for me. I could never have done it without her help and assistance. I cannot thank her and her wonderful staff enough for her helping me to gain my health back!”

“I am forever grateful for her hard work and dedication to help me to get back to my very best!”

“I highly recommend you take time from your busy lives to schedule a visit. Your life and health will never be the same…all in the best possible way!!”

“I am currently on a wellness care plan and it has helped in sleeping better, managing stress, and learning how to cook and eat better!”

“Everyone keeps asking me what I have done because I look better than I have in years. I am able to get outside and play with my grandkids, and since my visits started I have yet to miss a day of work due to pain.”

“I give thanks every day for the gentle way my children are treated at Smiley Chiropractic. They are included in the healing process, taught ways of healing themselves and accepted for who they are. The entire staff validates the children’s part in their own healing process.”