Functional Medicine

functional medicine

We look at you from a functional standpoint. Anything outside of the functional range is not optimal function. We ask why the body is not functioning and what we can do to encourage the body to function at the optimal level. We have learned that there is no one cause for disease. All disease is a series of co-causes that come together with a patient’s individual genetics to create a specific problem. There is never a “universal” cure-all for disease, rather a combination of things that can continue to improve bodily function to fight disease.

Through a combination of physical testing, urinalysis and blood work we can find out what the source of a person’s problems are.

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Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Therapy

The high levels of oxygen that your body can receive through HBOT can reciprocally give your body a wealth of extra high energy levels that may not be apparently obvious to you. Instead of using this energy for going for a long run or marathon, your body may use this extra oxygen to:

  • Keep you strong, active, and energized throughout the day.
  • Maintain your mental sharpness.
  • Fight infections and invading organisms.
  • Help to fix and repair damaged or injured tissue while helping to reduce pain.
  • Help combat aging its degenerative aspects.
  • Produce more stem cells and replace old tissue while regenerating new tissue.
  • Helps your body to reduce insomnia and sleep related disorders.
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Field Control Therapy

A technique used to screen the body for environmental toxins, mold, bacteria, viruses and numerous other underlying causes of illness. After the screening process homeopathic remedies are created to address the specific location of where the toxicity may arise to detoxify the body, organ or location.


Frequency Specific Microcurrent

Frequency specific microcurrent is an FDA approved physiologic electric modality that increases ATP (energy) production in the cells of the body. ATP is the substance that cells use to produce functions and create healing. The microcurrent is not felt by the patient and has been shown in research studies to increases ATP up to 500%.


Ionic Detoxifying Footbath

Is the equivalent of soaking your feet in the ocean for 10-12 hours! Gives the body energy and ions while taking toxins out of the body.

Light Therapy: Infrared light therapy encompasses the healing power of infrared wavelengths of light. When infrared energy is applied, it dramatically increases circulation, reduces inflammation, and promotes healing.

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Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency (PEMF)

Allows the cell to expel toxins and bring good energy into the cell to help recovery and healing.



By targeting protein folding, NanoVi is unique and effective way to promote wellbeing, performance, and recovery. It does this by influencing the water that surrounds all proteins and enables them to fold. Our approach is to assist the full range of protein activities without overriding any of them.

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