Shedlight Cold Laser

Enhance cellular healing, increases energy, anti-inflammatory, improves EEG activity within the brain.


Creates rapid and sustained neural activation. Includes, light, sound, sensory stimulation, vibration and games.

Chi Machine

Puts motion and movement into the spine. This helps to create energy flow to the brain and it is proven to improve lymphatic flow.

Vagal Stimulation

Most often we use heat and vibration techniques to activate and strengthen the Vagus nerve, which in some cases is referred to as the “second spinal cord.” By stimulating the Vagus nerve the goal is to increase healing to the entire body. It coordinates very strongly between the digestive system and the brain.

Balance Tracker

Assess balance which gives the doctor more information about different parts of the brain that control the ability to coordinate movements and balance. Balance is strongly linked to the vestibular system. When this system is out of balance, patients experience symptoms such as: vertigo, dizziness, anxiety and irregular heartbeat. Commonly used with the Shedlight laser to strengthen the brain and alleviate symptoms.