Frequency Specific Microcurrent

Healing on a cellular level

Frequency Specific Micro-current is an FDA approved physiologic electric modality that increases ATP (energy) production in the cells of the body. ATP is the substance that cells use to produce functions and create healing. The micro-current is not felt by the patient and has been shown in research studies to increase ATP by up to 500%. It also increases protein synthesis and amino acid transport, essentially the two building blocks of the body, by 70% and 40% respectively. In simple terms, it increases the tissues’ healing rates on a cellular level. An unpublished research paper from the University of Washington also showed a dramatic increase in the amount of blood circulation, collagen and elastin production. The micro-current has become very popular as an anti-aging method as well. In our office, we use specific frequencies to address the various processes required by the body’s tissues. The addition of this medium vastly speeds up the healing process.