In what has become a popular condition all over the Internet, adrenal fatigue is very real and one of the most under diagnosed health conditions.  Due to the fact that most stages of adrenal fatigue cannot be diagnosed accurately by blood work, it tends to get over looked many times despite the wide range of symptoms it causes.  Symptoms include; fatigue, sleep difficulties, hot flashes, mood imbalances and weight gain. It is very easy to blame these sets of symptoms on age or high stress levels.  Adrenals are the source of many hormone imbalances as they are the workhorse of the hormone system, balancing over 50 different hormones in the body.

With specific diagnostics outside of blood examinations, adrenal disorders can be identified.  It is even more important to determine the pattern of adrenal distress and any additional environmental stressors in order to restore proper function.  Many times in the office we find people who have tried to fix their adrenal insufficiencies and failed.  Don’t lose hope, this is a fixable problem when all of the factors are taken into play.