Digestive Disorders


All of the newest research has pointed out that your general health depends on the health of your gut. Depending on the source, a conservative estimate states that 70% of your immune system function is controlled and housed in your gut. The appearance of most chronic and serious diseases is caused by the uncontrollable gut damage and lack of proper digestion. Likewise, if these problems are caught early, it can be prevented from turning into something more serious long term.

The digestive system has direct ties to the central nervous system. The saying in medicine goes…“Fire in the gut means fire in the brain.” Meaning that if a person is not digesting their food properly, it will cause severe inflammation that will become systemic quickly and begin affecting the brain's ability to communicate with the body. Once that inflammation is there for an extended period of time, eventually whole undigested foods will push through the stomach lining and this is what is referred to as leaky gut syndrome. While this condition isn’t painful at first, it has become nothing short of an absolute epidemic amongst Americans. This means that most chronically ill people will only regain stable health if their gut is repaired. This is a foundational pillar, that if ignored, can have significant consequences.


  • The amount of damage to the stomach can be measured by a simple urinalysis test. This will show us if food is leaking through and just how much is occurring.
  • Repairing the gut is done by first and foremost improving the diet which includes finding out and eliminating food allergies that may not already be known about.
  • We then provide natural remedies to repair the gut lining, restore the acid balances, stimulate the digestive activity and replace the “good” bacteria.