Detoxification Therapy

It isn’t an overstatement at this point to say that we are swimming in a sea of toxins on a day to day basis. Heavy metals, pesticides, GMO foods and the list goes on and on.  Statistically, by the time most people leave their bathroom in the morning after getting washed they are exposed to over 200 chemicals!  And they didn’t even leave their house yet.  Not just chemical toxins are causing problems either, but biological toxins as well. Did you know that MRSA (an antibiotic resistant strain of staph) kills more people in the U.S. than HIV, AIDS, Emphysema, Parkinson’s and Homicides… combined!  Did you also realize that 48% of all meat and poultry tested in U.S. supermarkets were found to be infected with MRSA?  

At this point, all research is point to the fact that diseases have a mostly environmental cause to them. These chemicals and infections can get inside of our body and create all kinds of problems. They block nutrients from working, cause your immune system to become confused, cause inflammation, damage cellular responses and the list goes on and on.  But if everyone is so over exposed, wouldn’t everyone get sick?  The answer is no, because there is one other factor: Genetics.  Some people can be exposed to loads of heavy metals, but if their genetics are such that their body is a good detoxifier of heavy metals then they have no problem. If their genetics aren’t good at that, then even a small amount will cause them to have a problem.  Toxins plus susceptible genetics lead to problems.

Detoxification strategies are about how to identify and remove those toxins from the body.  But it has to be done safely.  Most detox concepts are really aggressive and fight to pull toxins out of the system when they don’t want to leave.  This is typically called Chelation. It has its merits, but it can have its side effects as well. We prefer to use a different strategy that we call Neutralizing.  If you neutralize the body’s reaction to the offending toxin and stop it from wanting to bind to your cells at all, then the body has a very easy task of grabbing and moving those toxins out of the system. This doesn’t have to be about force if it can be done safely, effectively and faster than the typical process.