Chiropractic Physiotherapy

Structural Rehabilitation

Most assume that a bone just slips out of place, or that simply a nerve gets pinched. In reality, you are dealing with a much more complex system that takes time to change.

This is the exact same reason why you can’t lift weights once and get very muscular looking. It takes time for the system to change for the long term. The good news is that it usually starts getting out of pain quickly. But to truly correct a problem, we need to look at all the moving parts.

Bones don’t just move on their own, some sort of stressor like a movement or even emotional stress causes a nerve to become irritated. When a nerve is stretched, pinched or just irritated, it causes a muscle to pull unevenly and out of place. This causes the joint to become uneven, the pressure to start accumulating on the disc and that causes inflammation. All of those things cause the nerve to become more irritated, which causes the muscles to pull harder, the bone to move further out of place and so on and so on. Eventually if this isn’t taken care of the bone structure starts to become rigid and arthritic, the muscles begin to build scar tissue (what people feel like muscle knots) and the body numbs itself to the pain even though the problem is still there. The spines ability to move is what generates energy for your brain- like a windmill. The less the structure moves, the less brain activity is produced.


  • Chiropractic: This allows us to get the joints moving, the bones back into the proper alignment and energy pumped back up to promote healing.
  • Physiotherapy: Allows us to loosen the muscles so the bones move easier as well as strengthen the muscles to hold the bones in the new position we created.
  • Vibration: We use vibration in a lot of our therapies because it moves the process along so much faster. It allows the large muscles to relax and the deeper muscles to hold which makes the joint easier to move and stay in place.
  • Trigger Point Therapy: When a muscle becomes scarred over forming a knot, those adhesions will prevent the muscle from ever fully stretching out. Its why people get a massage, and then feel better, but then shortly after the knot is right back there. The muscle needs to be properly elongated and stretched out so that the knot itself never returns.