Biotoxin Illness

Lymes disease was just stated to have been underestimated by the CDC that instead of 30,000 cases, there are now 300,000- and that is considered a low estimate.  Known as the “great imitator” lymes can mimic other diseases and wreak havoc if not properly treated.  With a 35% false negative finding on lab work, you can be misdiagnosed or under diagnosed very easily.

Mold poisoning is much more common that we are lead to believe.  However, many of us are exposed to mold and we just don’t get sick.  The ones who do have a genetic susceptibility to it.  24% of the US population is walking around with this genetic predisposition and if they come into any contact with mold their body will not be able to rid itself of the biotoxin, even if they are no longer exposed.

Candida became a catch all in natural healthcare for all problems. However if you have found that doing candida cleanses only somewhat helped or helped for a little while, your body maybe producing the candida to help detoxify from a heavy metal or heal some other damage to tissue inside the body.  The biotoxins of candida can cause significant symptoms, but if the true cause isn’t found the candida issue will continue to persist and return.