Biologic Medicine

Biological and Functional medicine is a system of identifying the multiple underlying co-causes of disease in the body by finding out what biological processes are not working correctly. Deeper than that, it is also about figuring out why those processes are not working and how to restore them so that the body can heal itself once again. Healthy bodies don’t get disease. These therapies- including nutrition, vitamins, homeopathy and the advanced healing modalities- all are designed to get the body working efficiently and allowing it to heal as it was intended. There is no quick fix with this, as it is not about   covering up symptoms like use of pharmaceuticals will do. This is about getting to the root of the problem and solving it on a deeper level restoring the body to a healthy state. No matter how advanced drug companies get, it is something that a pill will never be able to accomplish.


First and foremost it the testing.  Through a combination of physical testing, urinalysis and blood work we can find out what the source of a persons problems are.  This looks for:

  • Organic toxins:  Mold, viruses, bacteria, fungus
  • Environmental toxins:  Heavy metals like mercury, lead and nickel
  • Nutritional imbalances:  Do you have the proper diet?
  • Food allergy testing:  Could you be allergic to the foods you crave?
  • Inflammation:  Not just a sprained ankle, but when every single cell in the body is inflamed causing hormonal problems, weight gain and every major disease known to man.

After testing, a dietary and wellness program will be individually catered to your unique needs and body chemistry. All of these procedures are done naturally without medications through the course of diet, supplementation, homeopathic medicines and others.

  • Detoxification programs
  • Inflammation control programs
  • Immune system regulation/stimulation